Is revealing an adulterous spouse to a friend good or right?


The replies I got were all over the place. Potok has matched up thousands of people and has, obviously, met with many men over her years in business. If you know a friend is being cheated on, should you tell?

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Females, on the other hand, are relationship-oriented. The integrity of the marriage would probably be best preserved through assisting and encouraging each other to build up the relationship that they already have instead of destroying it. She thinks women would be more willing to share the bad news with a girlfriend.

She says that in her business, a lot of her divorced clients have been in a situation where their partner has cheated on them. Sometimes it is best that the couple splits, because their partner may have a deep-rooted emotional flaw that only he or she can decide to change. Be prepared that even if you are good friends, not all women will respond positively to the bearer of such bad news , Tah D.

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How to Keep Marriage Strong - Coping with Infidelity

It strained our relationship among other things ," she recalls. When Kate C.

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I'd take it to my grave and comfort my friend when she needed it. On the other hand, some Circle of Moms members caution against keeping the secret if you think your friend will find out anyway. Bonnie agrees, saying she believes any friend of hers would think strongly about ending the friendship if the truth came out and the friend then discovered that she already knew about it.

Should You Stay Friends With A Friend Who Cheated? Women Reveal If They Would Or Not

Having been the person being cheated on, Kaleigh wishes her friends would have told her. I am still friends with the one that told me and have ditched the rest," she recalls. Tah D. I'll take the latter, by itself," she says.

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What she did with the information would be up to her. Noting that "opinions vary widely on this [topic]," Heather L. That depends on the woman!

9 Ways to Respond to a Friend Who's Cheating

By asking in advance, you at least have something to go on if you ever have to decide what to do. Our Family newsletter is a little parenting cheat sheet, delivered to your inbox daily. Friendship Family Relationships Cheating. Around The Web. You May Also Like.

Wife with husband's best friend

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  • Should You Stay Friends With A Friend Who Cheated? Women Reveal If They Would Or Not!
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