Learn how to track your phone

There are many reasons why would you want to block someone from tracking you. Here are the top main reasons. PRIVACY — If you want to complete confidentiality of your current location or where you are going, it is better that you blocked all means of tracking ability of your phone. Be it you are on vacation, or you want to unplug from online presence.

By blocking anyone from following you, you would be able to feel free from the digital world temporarily. It is the primary method of how your phone can give your site in real-time. However, if you are not sure whether disabling the GPS would stop people from tracking you, another sure method is by disabling all your cell phone connection and internet connection.

This way, your smartphone will not be able to emit the GPS data from your phone to outside. Swipe the button to the left to disable it. Your iPhone will disable all cell network data and also Wi-Fi. If you are using an iPhone, you have the capability of tracking all of your Apple devices. Therefore, if you are handed down an iPhone from your parents, the chances are that the iPhone can be tracked.

Here are the steps on how to disable that function. So, there you have it — three simple ways how to block someone from tracking your smartphone. Please leave us a comment below on what other ways that you can keep your location private using your phone. Please also read our previous article on how to track your friends using your smartphone.

A Sim card is the chip inside your cell phone that enables it to communicate with your network operator. Before the emergence of the smartphone, a cell phone would be useless without the sim card as the sim card is the only chip in your cell phone that allows you to connect with other cell phones.

Now, with the integration of personal computer and cell phone, you got this powerful smartphone that can also be able to be utilized without a sim card. Without the sim card, your smartphone can still be connected with other smartphones as long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi.

Cell Phone Tracking iPhone Using Imei Number

The GPS in your smartphone can always emit transmission using the internet. By leveraging the connection on the internet, you can still communicate even without the sim card. So, how are you able to use that smartphone ability to track your phone without a sim card? Here we show you several ways how you can do just that. Therefore, it can always track your lost phone even without the sim card installed in your phone.

Read here if you want to know the step by step on how to track your iPhone using the Apple services. Read here if you want to know how to track a phone using the Android Device Manager. Social media apps nowadays can track the location of your phone based on the GPS coordinate. This helps the social media platform to send ads based on your location.

It also helps to geotag the location of your post. In specific social media app such as Snapchat, it can also show your location on a map. Your phone only needs the sim card if you want to use the data plan that is connected to your service network provider. Here we show you how to know the location of your phone based on the last login of your devices using the Snapchat account. Snapchat has the feature of showing your location in a map.

You can access this Snapchat map using the website browser. So, if you lost your phone, you can use this web browser to track your phone based on your Snapchat account. Log into your Snapchat account, and you will be able to see your location if your phone is active and connected to the internet. Therefore, if you do lose your phone and the sim card is taken out of the phone, your IMEI number is the next best thing to use to identify and track your phone. However, your IMEI number is just a number similar to a plate number in your car. This serial number is set on the radar of satellite that reads the GPS location and mobiles activity.

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With the use of the serial number almost accurate location of the device could be traced. Once the location is traceable for a regular period on the same location, then immediately police is notified by the provider for specific action.

How to Track iPhone with the Serial Number and IMEI

This way the iPhone is easy to track, and you can retrieve the device soon. IMEI is the international mobile equipment identity number which usually people find on their itemized bill copy printed or manually written. It is a prevalent method to track the location of the iPhone or any other cell phone device. Firstly, keep your GPS location always on. You can track by navigating to the settings location. Once mobile data is enabled all the time, then it becomes possible to track the device by using IMEI.

It covers the satellite connection and shows on the screen of a tool that is used to navigate devices.

how can I track my iphone by using my imei number

Secondly, with the help of the IMEI number, police or the provider try to find out the last used location of the device. I dont know if this is legal. I bought blackberry playbook. Not sure if this is original or fake. Imei in the software and the one displayed at the back of the device are the same. When i tried to check the imei in the internet imei.

Learn how to track your phone

Is it fake? Or just an error in phone registration in the internet? The one is correct but the other 1 is not. Im sure these samsung phones are original. Thanks much. Not all IMEI numbers will have the proper manufacturer in a public database. Simply having your IMEI number allows them no such privilege. Hello guys! I have a question about this IMEI number and the risks of giving to someone.

Is it safe to give my number? Is there any risk? Hello, I need help! Last Friday my business iPhone SE was stolen.

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I was relying on the my 6 digit password and on the Find my iPhone APP, but have been told now that this is naive… there is no security and anybody can hack and change a iPhone identity with online instructions. Is this correct info and if yes, would this creature then also have all the business data from my phone?? Thanks for your reply.

I lost my iPhone x My carrier already blocked the imei no of my phone I am pretty sure no one can use my phone in my country Can anybody use it in overseas? Will it work or no? I google searched and came across this article which is well written and very informative; providing all the info one would need to Understand the use and implications of IMEI. What makes me shake my head in awe is the stupidity of people in the comments.

Has any one bothered to actually read and comprehend the article? As a whole, technology has made the masses: DUMB! Your ALL dumb! My sim card company store IMEI numbers for all phones used. However, all last digits of imei are replaced by zero. Does this mean that the last digit is irrelevant? Some peoples said the last digit belonging with SIM or Network?.

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Is there any harm in giving them this info? Sir I have a small doubt my mobile is Samsung galaxy s8 and mobile has lost I have already given complaint to police department 3 months finish but no result in searching. If the stolen person changed the IMEI no police can find that mobile or not please reply me.