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We have become so dependent on these digital advancements that we can't imagine functioning everyday if these were absent from our life. GPS location tracking is one such innovation which has helped people in many problematic scenarios. Most of the cellphones today have an inbuilt feature which makes use of the GPS for location tracking.

Some location tracking apps also come into being. Using these applications you can know where the target device is, therefore to find a lost or stolen phone, or to track your child's location and know they are safe.

Here we have summarized the best location tracker apps of Kindly note that it is not recommended using the location tracker app to do something illegal. There are plenty of issues online and there are high chances that your child may get affected by it. KidsGuard Pro, which is the best location tracker app, not only acts as an excellent location tracker device but it has several other features as well which prove to be very effective in monitoring your child.

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GPS Phone Tracker Pro App

Once installed on the target device, this application becomes invisible on the home screen. Apart from the location tracking, this application can also be used for viewing call logs, browser history, contacts, photos, videos, messages, notes and calendar data on that device remotely. This mobile location app provides an efficient way to keep a track and monitor your child's cell phone activities. Create your user account on www.

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After this the location of the target phone can be easily tracked using this application. Try It Now View Demo. FamiSafe is one of the best applications which can be used to track your child's location.

Part 2: Top 5 Free Cell Phone Tracker App by Number

The real-time locations are effectively tracked with the help of this mobile location tracker app. A detailed report about the entire history of where your child visited will also be shown on the device.

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It has the geo-fencing feature using which you can set boundaries and get alerted whenever your child enters a dangerous area. With the help of this phone location app you can track your child's whereabouts without their knowledge.

Search SIM & current location

It has the excellent feature of remote locking. In case, your child loses their phone, all their personal data like documents, emails, directories, cloud storage files etc can be wiped off remotely. This mobile phone locator application is used widely by many families. The most common question asked by the parents to their kids is, "Where are you? This application is a great way to know the location of children as well as other family members at all times so that you don't have to worry about their whereabouts and safety.

With this application you can preset the time period during which you want the target device to be monitored. The real-time location finder feature lets you know the current whereabouts of the target device. You can use this application to find out real time location of your child, get to know of any potential threats and also you can know the location of your lost phone. This is one of the best parental control applications available for download online. It is designed to help the parents monitor and manage their children's device remotely to keep them safe and away from dangerous scenarios.

It features an online dashboard which can be accessed anytime from anywhere to monitor your children's mobile activity and current location. Parental Discretion Advised. Zift Advisory. This App Contains Live Streaming.

Videos can be shared. Location Tracking.

Photo Sharing. Stranger Danger.

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